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To View The Full Presentation by Herb and Anne Puryear, click HERE.

This power point presentation was given by Anne & Herb at the The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies (ASCS), 38th annual conference: "New Developments in Afterlife Communication." They explain how the Logos Threshold Room was built and show slides of the room, and energies photographed in the room. Includes some slides not shown at the conference.

NOTE: Susan Wadsworth's video of orbs in motion that was shown at the Afterlife Communication Conference was quite revealing. It is important to note that Susan was not only in a Faraday cage, but she was mentally attuned and had clear intentions before starting her recording. Susan had previously attended the Excursion Workshop developed by The Monroe Institute. She employed the techniques learned at the workshop to put her mind and body into a receptive state. The combination of the cage and Susan's mind state worked together to enhance her experience and to visually record the energies present. The Excursion Workshop is offered several times each year in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area. Click Excursion Workshop to learn more about it and how to expand your own consciousness and awareness.


Threshold Project Details


  • A Faraday Cage is a conductive structure that acts as a shield against electromagnetic interference. Electromagnetic waves naturally flow around a surface of conductive materials, not through them.


  • Without getting too “techy,” electromagnetic interference is generated when a nuclear event (like a solar flare) unleashes gamma rays above the atmosphere. Gamma rays are extremely high energy photons and when they strike atoms in the atmosphere they knock large quantities of electrons free producing a pulse of electromagnetic radiation. At the speed of light, this electromagnetic pulse travels through the air and is also picked up in all telephone and power lines. In other words, it not only is "in the air" but it also affects all electronic equipment connected to power lines (i.e., any electric devices plugged into electrical outlets).


  • The critical point in making a Faraday Cage is to make sure all six sides (four walls, ceiling and floor) of the cage are connected (i.e., electrically sound via soldered connections) and the entire cage is grounded. The best way to ground the cage is to drive a copper grounding rod at least four feet into the earh and connect the cage to it with copper wire. Ideally, there should be no electrical wiring in the walls of the room (assuming the room itself is your Faraday cage). Also there should be no electrical devices inside the cage as these will simply re-introduce electromagnetic fields into the cage.

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This is the copper pyramid in Anne's office above the chair where she meditates. It has a pink quartz crystal ball at the apex.

Such a pyramid suspended over an area where you work or meditate can be energizing and also calming which may sound the opposite of each other, but is influenced by your intent.

You can easily make such a pyramid with copper from Home Depot or other such stores, fairly inexpensively. Anne has used this particular pyramid for many years, in various places at different heights.

It is not ideal to sleep under if suspended over your bed - or at least we have found that to be true - we do NOT sleep well under such pyramid power :)

You can create a sacred space to meditate in a Threshold Room or in a room in your home or your office. This altar is next to Anne's chair where she meditates under the pyramid.

Every object on your personal altar can be selected to have special meaning for you, whether stones, gems, rocks, statues or sayings.

Meditating standing in front of your altar, doing exercises such as SuperBrain from Pranic Healing, or the Edgar Cayce breathing and head & neck exercises can often be enhanced by the energies emanating from the objects or as you look at them and recall their meaning to you.


The Puryears have reassembled the copper pyramid from the Logos Threshold Room in a room in their house, as they make plans to build a personal Threshold Room. At the apex is an amethyst point attached by a copper fitting. Inside the pyramid in each corner is an amethyst geode or point. It will not be possible to set an amethyst grid as taught to them by Richard Gerber, M.D. author of Vibrational Medicine) because the grid would currently be broken and have to be re-set since the pyramid is not in a designated room. However instructions on how to set the grid will be in the book they are writing called "The Threshold Room." Several musical instruments can be seen in the photo - a symphony gong, chimes of various sorts, candles and music which help prepare for meditation.

The Puryears meditate under the pyramid daily and even without the copper lined walls of the Faraday cage that The Threshold Room had, it greatly enhances their meditations and often opens a portal through which information is downloaded as help and guidance. The energy of the copper pyramid and amethysts also has an energizing and calming effect when sitting inside the pyramid for short periods of time.

Three Orb sites we highly recommend:

Orbs Photo Taken in Puryear's Back Yard

This was taken by their pool and palm trees because orbs often appear not only in the night sky but in the pool and groups of them around the palm trees.

Take your digital camera, set on automatic setting with flash. Invite the orbs in - point and shoot. Use Picasa or Photo Shop to lighten photos if necessary to see the orbs more clearly. You can capture orbs on film day or night, but some of the most impressive are the shots at night. In this photo some orbs are moving, some are not. If you are lucky they will sometimes form sacred geometry shapes in the sky or patterns than cannot be "accidental."

The following were required reading for those in the Threshold Projects prior to becoming a participant. Candidates submitted one page outlining the info in each book and what they learned from it.

  • Hello from Heaven by Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim
  • Messages From God by  Anne Puryear
  • Stephen Lives! My Son Stephen, His Life, Suicide and Afterlife by Anne Puryear
  • The Edgar Cayce Primer by Herbert B. Puryear, Ph.D.
  • Reunions:Visionary Encounters with Departed Loved Ones by Raymond Moody, M.D.
  • There is a River (The story of Edgar Cayce) by Thomas Sugrue
  • Conversations with God, Book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch
  • Opening Doors Within by  Eileen Caddy (daily messages from God)

Any future projects will include reading of Your Soul's Plan and Your Soul’s Gift
by Rob Schwartz and The Fun of Dying by  Roberta Grimes and books by other conference presenters.

A book is being readied for publication (working title The Threshold Project) which will include the forms filled out by each participant before the programs, and each time after a session in The Threshold Room. It will also include instructions of exactly how we made our room, how to make smaller and less expensive rooms, and the forms used to calculate the experiences each participants had and the breakdown of specific individual experiences, as well as Richard Gerber, MD’s instructions on setting an amethyst grid in the room.

Also, items we used in the Threshold Room to help in communicating with loved ones who died:

  • Hemi-SyncTM CDs – HemiSync Meditation and Enchanted Forest.
  • Mirror with black velvet around mirror frame (recommended by Raymond Moody), flat against the wall or tilted, as long as the person in the chair cannot see themselves in the mirror.
  • Reclining chair that lies almost flat (and faces mirror).


Learn how Faraday cages work and how they are used for a variety of purposes. ... and sizes, but all of them use a metal screen that conducts electricity, creating a shielding effect. ... How did Nikola Tesla change the way we use energy?

What is a "Faraday Cage" and How You Can Build Your Own Cheaply and Easily from Common Everyday Items. This is a ...

These simple to build containers are called Faraday cages. ... However, you can increase the the effectiveness of your Faraday protection by  ...


  • What is a “Faraday Cage” and How You Can Build Your Own Cheaply and Easily from Common Everyday Items.
  • Easy Plans for Building Any Size Pyramid That Will Work Like the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Excellent and highly informative 2 hour, 12 minute lecture by Les Brown on Crystal and Pyramid energies.
    This rare documentary takes a look at the true nature of magnetism, electricity and gravity. Crystals, Physics of a fractal universe and Spin on orbiting bodies. Also speaks of pyramids and how to make one to grow large crops.

    Here's a link to his pyramid research book:
  • - Excellent video provides insights into Pyramidal and Tetrahedral Geometry. How they work and how to use them for novel effects. Incredible, information packed, over 2 Hour long DVD describing many unusual and original experiments including transmutation of elements, energy extraction, increasing plant growth, healing the body and more. Also check out our other DVDs and our ebooks at;
  • Related
    Pyramid Power (Jan. 9, 2011) (includes Youtube video of Les Brown)
    Easy Plans for Building Any Size Pyramid That Will Work Like the Great Pyramidof Giza. From Ken AdachiEditor ... You can build and set up a pyramid anywhere and take advantage of its ability to concentrate and transduce cosmic energies, but unless you build it to the correct dimensions and align it precisely along true north, you won't get the spectacular results that are possible. You might compare it to highly directional, narrow beam radio reception. Unless your 'antennae' is pointed exactly at the radio transmitter, you're not going to pull in the signal.




  1. Have a sincere desire to make an attunement with someone in the spirit plane.
  2. Have a willingness to experiment, persevere and be open to experiences
  3. During the days before your sessions, pray, meditate and ask that the specific person you wish to communicate with make a contact with you, or be brought to you, during your scheduled session. Mention the time and date in your prayers, so preparations can be made in the spirit plane also.
  4. Refrain from taking any stimulants for 4-8 hours or more before your session (coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate, colas, sugars). It will be more difficult for you to attune if you have these substances in your body. It would be good to refrain from smoking for four hours before the session if you can. No fragrances please.
  5. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Remove your shoes if you desire.
  6. Use the blanket in the Threshold Room or bring your own light blanket to place over the chair and/or cover up with.
  7. Turn on the small touch lamp on the table next to the chair if you want to read something or prepare and make any adjustments and arrangements, with the light on. In case the batteries burn out, there will be two other touch lamps in the room, so be sure to note where they are. NO CANDLES MAY BE USED IN THE THRESHOLD ROOM. You will be able to make a better attunement and see visions in the mirror with the light out.
  8. If you feel you must leave a light on, note that on the research form. You may use the rotating light stand and crystal on the table under the mirror if you prefer working with a light on also.
  9. Before sitting in the chair, turn on the CD player (instructions on player) and adjust the sound. The first two sessions you may either listen to PARADISE FOUND or do the sessions with NO music. The second two sessions the CD will be a Monroe Hemi-sync recording or you may do the sessions with NO music. Please note which you do on the form. Also place the long green stuffed "draft cushion" on the inside of the bottom of the door so the air conditioning will not cause noise. Remove it when you leave the room so no one (including yourself) will trip on it. A yellow pad is provided for suggestions.
  10. Sit in the chair and reach on the right hand side and push the lever to allow the chair to recline as fully as you desire. You may also choose not to recline.
  11. Do whatever preparations you feel will help you to have a reunion with a loved one or friend in the spirit plane. Prayer, meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques etc. Holding something that belonged to the person you are trying to contact, or a photograph of them often aids. You may use stones, gems, crystals, Egyptian Healing Rods etc. Just note what you used on the form. PLEASE DO NOT USE INCENSE.
  12. Let the music begin to help alter your consciousness. Keep your eyes open and look deep into the mirror, as your eyes night adapt. You may begin to see some movement of light or energy in the mirror. Forms, scenes, colors and visions may appear. You may see loved ones, scenes, individuals you don't know, hear voices, feel the presence of someone, smell a familiar fragrance associated with a particular person.
  13. Don't be afraid, tense or nervous. Pray and ask to be surrounded with light. Only good can happen in this session. At best you will be able to make a contact. At worst you will have a good relaxed meditation or even fall asleep.
  14. There will be a timer if you want to set it for 55 minutes, or from the time you began your session, until the next person's session is scheduled. Or the facilitator, if one is outside your door, can knock when your time is up. Sometimes you may just feel that you want to end your session before the time is over and you may do that. Other times you may want to stay longer. You can do this IF no one is scheduled immediately after you. As a courtesy DO NOT stay past your allotted time if someone else is waiting for their session.
  15. You may request the facilitator to stay with you during your session at any time and request help or suggestions.
  16. At the end of your session, take a moment to give thanks for whatever you experienced and to acknowledge and thank whoever made a contact with you. And, give yourself the suggestion that each session you have in the future will be better and better.
  17. Research forms will be in the Threshold Room and also in the office in a marked folder. If your session is over, and someone else is scheduled, go into the chapel or Great Room, and fill the form out before you leave. This is VERY important, as past research has shown that i(you don't completely and fully fill out the form right after your session, like a dream, you will forget important details. There will be a file in the office where you can leave the completed forms.
  18. Before leaving the Threshold Room, please turn off the CD player, remove the draft cushion, remove any of your personal items. CHECK THE DIRECTIONS ON THE DOOR AS YOU LEAVE TO BE SURE YOU HAVE TURNED OFF LIGHTS ETC.
  19. Talk with your facilitator about any questions you may have, and to schedule your next appointments.
  20. 12 hours in the Threshold Room are needed to complete the 6-week pilot research project. Preferably two hours each week. spaced several days apart. Your participation in this project may well enable others to more easily communicate with their loved ones. The Threshold Room, a Faraday cage, with its copper pyramid, copper lined walls and floor, and amethyst grid, is a portal for energy between dimensions. We hope to publish the results of this project, future ones, and the previous one, to encourage others to make such an attunement, and have faith, hope and KNOWING that their loved ones Do continue. There is no death - the soul lives forever!

Thank you for your participation. Call the facilitators if you have any questions or suggestions.

For more information about the Puryears' work and books & The Logos Center, please visit our Facebook group or our Facebook sites Herb Puryear, Anne Puryear. Our mailing address is: The Logos Center, P.O. Box 12880, Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2880, or Office: 480-483-9639. Anne’s email address: apuryear [at] logoscenter [dot] org. Herb’s email address: hpuryear [at] logoscenter [dot] org. For animal lovers we created a Facebook site in memory of our beloved dog Beethoven who died December 20, 2013 – Helping Pet Lovers Heal, to help pet lovers who are grieving their pets.